S-Chassis Bolt Sizes

I’ve noticed many people losing screws and bolts on their s-chassis and wondering what size certain bolts are. I remember finding a small chart of bolt sizes on nicoclub so I thought it’d be a good idea to post here for easier accessible info. If you have any more information on bolt sizes and would like to contribute, feel free to drop us a line!

Clutch Slave Cylinder bolts – M10-1.5
Dash – M6-1.0 x 16mm
Oil Pan Drain Plug – M12-1.25
Clutch Pedal – M8-1.25
Garret Turbos – M8-1.25
Alternator Pivot Bolt – M10-1.5 x 100mm
AC Compressor to Bracket – M10-1.5 x 100mm
Oil Pan – M6-1.00
Fuel Injector Cap – M5-0.8
s13 pressure plate bolts – M8-1.25 x 16mm
s13 alternator tensioner bolt – M8-1.25 x 1 inch
s13 front swaybar bracket – M10-1.25
s13/14 rear swaybar bracket – M10-1.25 (12mm head for s13, 14mm head for s14)
s13 differential – M12-1.25 x 75mm
Z32 Diff – M12-1.25 x 90mm
s13 Front Seats – M10-1.25

KA Specific

  • Bellhousing
  • M10-1.5 x 60mm – 4 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 70mm – 1 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 35mm – 2 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 65mm – 1 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 25mm – 1 needed

Original Reference: http://forums.nicoclub.com/the-what-size-bolt-goes-here-thread-t474382.html