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Nissan Challenge Series 2017

Corner3 Motorsports presents the 2017 Maxxis Nissan Challenge Series. Join us with your Nissan for some good spirited road racing at renowned race tracks in Southern California.

2017 Nissan Competition Series Schedule

Warmup – January 21: Auto Club Speedway (Roval CCW)
Round 1 – February 12: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CW) Results
Round 2 – March 5: Buttonwillow Raceway (CW) Results
Round 3 – April 1: WSIR – Big Willow (CW) Results
Round 4 – May 13: WSIR – Streets of Willow (CW) Results
Round 5 – August 20: Autoclub Speedway (Roval CCW) Results
Round 6 – September 24: Buttonwillow Raceway (CCW 1)
Round 7 – October 29: WSIR – Streets of Willow (TBD)
Final Round – November 19: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CW)

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Nissan Challenge Series – Round 1

@ Auto Club Speedway
Photography by Tyler Lee Photography for Corner 3 Motorsports

It was a beautiful day at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana! A great turn out for Corner 3’s Nissan Challenge Series. There were a few s-chassis’s and a handful of 350/370z’s. Everyone did a great job running the track, putting down numbers, and following the rules of the track, with no major incidents. Here are just some of the shots of the s-chassis’s that came out for Round 1 thanks to Tyler Lee Photography.


Nissan Challenge Series 2016

Corner3 Motorsports presents the 2016 Maxxis Nissan Competition Series. Join us with your Nissan for some good spirited road racing at renowned race tracks in Southern California.

2016 Nissan Competition Series Schedule

January 31: Buttonwillow. Pre season opener – Warmup.
February 21: Autoclub Speedway(Roval) Photos
March 20: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Photos
April 2: WSIR – Big Willow
May 15: WSIR – Streets Of Willow
June 12: Autoclub Speedway(Roval)
August 14: Autoclub Speedway(Roval)
September 18: Buttonwillow
October 22: WSIR – Big Willow
November 20: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
December 3: WSIR – Streets Of Willow

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S-Chassis Bolt Sizes

I’ve noticed many people losing screws and bolts on their s-chassis and wondering what size certain bolts are. I remember finding a small chart of bolt sizes on nicoclub so I thought it’d be a good idea to post here for easier accessible info. If you have any more information on bolt sizes and would like to contribute, feel free to drop us a line!

Clutch Slave Cylinder bolts – M10-1.5
Dash – M6-1.0 x 16mm
Oil Pan Drain Plug – M12-1.25
Clutch Pedal – M8-1.25
Garret Turbos – M8-1.25
Alternator Pivot Bolt – M10-1.5 x 100mm
AC Compressor to Bracket – M10-1.5 x 100mm
Oil Pan – M6-1.00
Fuel Injector Cap – M5-0.8
s13 pressure plate bolts – M8-1.25 x 16mm
s13 alternator tensioner bolt – M8-1.25 x 1 inch
s13 front swaybar bracket – M10-1.25
s13/14 rear swaybar bracket – M10-1.25 (12mm head for s13, 14mm head for s14)
s13 differential – M12-1.25 x 75mm
Z32 Diff – M12-1.25 x 90mm
s13 Front Seats – M10-1.25

KA Specific

  • Bellhousing
  • M10-1.5 x 60mm – 4 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 70mm – 1 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 35mm – 2 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 65mm – 1 needed
  • M10-1.5 x 25mm – 1 needed

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Nissan Challenge Series 2015

Corner3 Garage presents the 2015 Nissan Competition Series. Join us with your Nissan for some good spirited racing at renowned race tracks in Southern California.

2015 Nissan Competition Series Schedule

January 25th – Streets of Willow (CW) Will not count towards season points
February 22nd – Big Willow
March 1st – Button Willow Race Park (cw13)
April 4th – Streets of Willow CCW
May 3rd – Chuckwalla Valley Speedway
June 28th – Big Willow
July 18th – Streets of Willow
August 9th – Big Willow
September 20th – Autoclub Speed way infield
October 11th – Streets of Willow
November 22nd – Autoclub Speedway (Roval)
December 6th – Buttonwillow

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How to Change your Transmission Fluid

Changing your transmission oil is fairly easy. Probably easier than changing your engine oil. In this article, we’re going to show you how to change your transmission oil on a 240sx s13 with a dual cam KA24DE.
S14 KA and s13 KA(SOHC) use basically the same transmission.

Things you will need:

  • Oil pan
  • 17mm wrench
  • 1/2in breaker bar
  • New transmission oil – 75w-90 GL4 (2.4qts)
  • Teflon tape
  • Torque Wrench (optional, recommended)
  • Shop Towels/Paper Towels (optional)
  • Whatever you do to lift your 240 to get underneath it

Estimated time:

Approx. 2 hours.
This is taking into consideration of lifting the vehicle and securing it til getting it back on the ground.

Step 1: Lift the vehicle and secure

This should be pretty standard but we feel it is important enough to include. As we are doing this at a home garage, we have the 240 lifted and secured on 4 jack stands. Be sure to jack and place jack stands on proper points. Below image is of s13 jack points.
240sx S13 JackPoints

Step 2: Open fill hole

Option 1: Located the fill plug on the driver side(left) of transmission, directly perpendicular to the drain plug. OEM fill plug is squared and uses a 17mm wrench.
Option 2: If your fill plug is stuck (like ours was), go remove your shifter.

You want to open your fill hole first so when you drain the old fluid, you have an air inlet so the old oil doesn’t gurgle as it comes out.
240sx Transmission Fill Plug

Step 3: Drain old oil

Locate drain plug and place oil pan underneath to catch old oil.
240sx Transmission Drain Plug
Use a 1/2in breaker bar to loosen drain plug. After a couple turns with the breaker bar/ratchet, you should be able to unscrew it by hand. Once off, let all the old oil drain into the oil pan. Should only take a few mins.

Step 4: Plug drain plug

While letting the old oil drain, you can take your old drain plug and just clean it up to remove any dirt or metal debris from the inner magnetic part using a shop towel or paper towel.
Before placing the drain plug back on, put a couple layers of teflon tape on the threads to help it give a better seal. Once all the old fluid is out, get a towel and wipe down the area around the drain hole to remove any dirt and debris. Screw on the drain plug with the teflon tape. Using the torque wrench, torque down the drain plug 25 ft lbs.
240sx Transmission Moonface Drain Plug
We picked up a Moonface drain plug (EDB03G) that we highly recommend. Has a 19mm hex head that will make it a lot easier to remove in the future. If you’re interested in this item, let us know! There’s also a matching fill plug!

Step 5: Add new transmission oil

With your fill hole still open (or your shifter hole), pour in 2.4 quarts of GL-4 75w-90 Transmission Oil. That’s the FSM recommended oil.
We went with AMSOIL Manual Transmission Lube 75w-90
AMSOIL Manual Transmission Lube 75w-90
This transmission fluid can be purchased here! Also consider AMSOIL Severe Gear for your diff!

After you pour in 2.4qts of your preferred transmission oil, clean and replace your fill plug with teflon tape, and torque down to 25 ft lbs. (or put your shifter back together). Clean everything up and get your vehicle back on the ground and ready for a test drive!

Hope this helps you! Feel free to comment below with any other suggestions or contact us directly if you need any questions answered. We’re always looking for ways to help out the s-chassis community so if there’s any articles or how-to’s you’d like to see, let us know!