Nissan Challenge Series 2016

Corner3 Motorsports presents the 2016 Maxxis Nissan Competition Series. Join us with your Nissan for some good spirited road racing at renowned race tracks in Southern California.

2016 Nissan Competition Series Schedule

January 31: Buttonwillow. Pre season opener – Warmup.
February 21: Autoclub Speedway(Roval) Photos
March 20: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Photos
April 2: WSIR – Big Willow
May 15: WSIR – Streets Of Willow
June 12: Autoclub Speedway(Roval)
August 14: Autoclub Speedway(Roval)
September 18: Buttonwillow
October 22: WSIR – Big Willow
November 20: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
December 3: WSIR – Streets Of Willow

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